Assist Platform

The SweetLabs Assist Platform enables app developers and device manufacturers to increase monetization and improve user experience by helping users access, find, and discover the apps and information they need every time they use their device.

Easily add search and suggestions to your Android or Windows app, launcher, or browser. Search box, real-time search suggestions, search results, and voice control, are made easy with the Assist Platform SDK.

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Web, app, and news results are provided based on user-driven keyword or voice queries. Search and content providers are dynamically selected for optimal monetization.


Suggest recommendations aim to simplify and enrich users lives by passively displaying relevant and timely apps and information, based on the user’s location and behavior. App recommendations include apps already installed on the device, and new apps yet to be discovered.

Suggestions can be integrated in many interfaces, including: search box, search results, lockscreen, and notifications. The appropriate interface is determined by the type and relevancy of apps and information being recommended.

Earn money

Returned search results and passive recommendations include organic and sponsored listings. Earn money when users interact with sponsored content.

Real-time reporting

Keep track and optimize the performance of your search and suggest integration with a real-time analytics web console.